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watch Thank you for visiting the official website for Motivation, Altruism, Personality and Social Psychology:  The Coming Age of Altruism (Palgave Macmillan, 2013).   My book explores the debate that self-interest is a healthy guiding principle. I argue that the Western civilization is living in a ‘dark age’ that resembles the philosophy of the Middle Ages because of the system’s over reliance on pivoting self-interest as the height of human psychological development.

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click here I have traveled internationally and conducted more than a decade of research that has led to an exciting discovery which is likely to shake the very foundations of Western power systems and revolutionize the social sciences.  This research has led to the observation of a pure form of altruism that I identify as exocentric altruism as leading to optimal states of psychological health.

app opzioni binarie 60 sec My book profoundly challenges the positions of many leading historical and present day psychologists. For example, the book argues Freud was wrong to take an adversarial approach to the Golden Rule and that his daughter did not fully understand the definition of pure altruism.  It is posited that Freudian over-reliance on hedonistic materialism has heavily contributed to a dark age philosophy plaguing much of modern society.

order Pregabalin online The book also directly confronts assumptions made in Oakley et al’s (2012) Pathological Altruism that all forms of altruism are self-interested.  Evidence is offered to demonstrate that the authors in that text also did not fully comprehend the concept of pure altruism and overlooked research which demonstrates how altruism can counteract mental health issues.

binäre optionen kurse I also challenge Philip Zimbardo’s position in The Lucifer Effect.  My experimental research rehabilitates the importance of dipositional variables over situational variables in rendering people resistant to bad situations.  I do not put people on the level of the image of a fallen angel, but rather, argue that people’s capacities to do good are greater than legendary angels. The new psychological paradigm developed in this book is utilized to predict political values development.  My position is that even if a few pure altruists make it into the public sphere, then we will start to witness an end to the current dark ages and the dawn of an age of altruism.  The mass survey research offered in the book not only confirms the sequence of motivational development that I have observed over the years, but also, offers hope that we are on the cusp of something truly extraordinary, and that over the next few decades we may witness a series of peaceful revolutions which will see an end to the rule of artificial aristocracy and the rise of a new civilization that works to collectively resolve pressing issues rather than cause them.

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